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Project 22356
Multipurpose frigate

Power in Perfection

Hi-tech frigate of the new modification, comprising power, functionality and eye-catching design

Perfect seaworthiness, substantial endurance and range;
Multifunctional, compact, highly automated;
Well-balanced and powerful armament;
Modern design;
Reliable and efficient main power plant.

The ship is tested during transoceanic trips and perfectly adapted for distant sea and ocean area missions.

Project 22356 provides reliable air, underwater and anti-ship defence of big ships, vessels and convoys.

The ship is capable of destroying critical land facilities, combat surface ships including those with a strong air defence. Project 20382 as well can provide effective fire support for the Army and landing troops on the coast.


Club – N integrated missile system:
Range of fire, km – 300;
Ammunition load, missiles – 16.

Range of fire, km – 40;
Ammunition load, missiles – 32.

А-192E artillery gun mount 1х1 130 mm:
Range of fire, km – 22.

Palma anti-aircraft artillery and missile system:
Range of fire of missiles/artillery, km – 10/5.

Paket E/NK anti-submarine torpedo system 2х4 327 mm:
Range of fire, km – 20.

Furke 2M radar:
ДAir target detection range, km – 200.

Zaria ME – 03 sonar system.

A hangar and a helipad for a 12 t helicopter.

Project 22356 frigate ensures effective protection of the State’s interests at seas and oceans.
Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m
Maximum speed/economical, kts.
Range, miles
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