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Active shipborne radar

Reliable. Accurate.

Modern system designed to search, detect and track air and surface targets

small-size system;
short time of response;
reliable monitoring algorithms;
full automation of combat activities and substantial jamming immunity.

3D radar Pozitiv-ME1.2 is designed to search, detect, identify and track air and surface targets. The system can be installed on ships with low or medium displacement and be a part of a multifunctional radar system.

High antenna rotation speed, electronic elevation scanning and special monitoring, lock on and tracking modes and algorithms ensure short time of response, high capacity of the system and accurate designation data output.

Main characteristics
azimuth, deg
elevation, deg
range, km
up to 80
altitude, km
up to 20
number of simultaneously tracked targets, pcs.
up to 40
time of response, sec
frequency band