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PAKET-E/NK with anti-torpedo ammunition
Small size anti-submarine system

Effective anti-submarine defence

Capable of engaging a submarine and attacking torpedoes

Anti-submarine and anti-torpedo defence;
Integration of detection and engagement systems;
Autonomous combat operation.

PAKET-E/NK is unparalleled. The system consists of a control system, a special sonar station, two modular launcher units with small size thermal torpedoes and anti-torpedoes.

This composition ensures simultaneous engagement of an attacking submarine and torpedoes. Dimensions of the system provide for simple adaptation to ships with different displacement. PAKET-E/NK is simple in combat use and during routine maintenance.

PAKET-E/NK is an effective anti-submarine defence system that combines attack and defence capabilities.

Main characteristics
Caliber (torpedo/anti-torpedo), mm
Torpedo effective range, m
Anti-torpedo effective range, m
Speed of torpedo, kts.
Speed of anti-torpedo, m/sec
Torpedo guidance system
acoustic, active-passive
Anti-torpedo guidance system
acoustic, active-passive
Guidance system range for torpedo/anti-torpedo, m