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Shipborne missile system

Overcomes any shipborne air defence

Small-size striking weapon for surface-ships

Outstanding fire power;
Flexible programmed missile's flight path;
Strong jamming immunity;
Automation of combat process;

Dimensions of the Uran-E system provide for its simple adaptation for boats and large combat ships of different projects. Flexible fire control programs ensure optimal target assignment (missiles are simultaneously guided at 6 targets) and creation of space-time structure for a salvo. Low altitude and strong jamming immunity make missiles invulnerable to the enemy's air defence system.

Uran-E is a perfect striking weapon designed for ships (boats) of any class.

Main characteristics
Range of fire, km
Altitude of missile, m:
at midcourse phase
at terminal phase
Velocity of missile, М
~ 0.8-0.85
Number of missiles in a salvo, un.
up to 16
Number of guided targets for a salvo, un.
Angle of after launch turn, deg.
Missile's launch weight, kg
Type of control system
inertial + GPS + active/passive radar homing head