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The Mys-M1E and MR-10M1E coastal radars and their modifications are designed to detect, track, locate, and identify surface ships and small-size high-speed targets in the open sea and littoral areas.

The radars determine target coordinates and motion parameters in the relative and geographic coordinate systems, and transfer the data to automated data gathering and processing systems. They can also be used for ship pilotage in narrows, straits and inner/outer roads.

MR-10M1E is a stationary radar, and Mys-M1E – a trailer-mounted one ensuring rapid deployment to the appointed position.


  • presentation of radar situation on the colour liquid-crystal display;
  • shift of the radar position blip on the screen in any direction within two thirds of the preset range scale;
  • convenient means of relative/geographic coordinates measurement;
  • automatic target detection and tracking in two areas of responsibility, defined by the operator;
  • automatic tracking of up to 89 targets at ranges of up to 32 miles;
  • semiautomatic tracking of up to 10 targets;
  • display of relative/geographic coordinates and motion parameters (bearing, speed) of the tracked target, etc.
Main characteristics
Antenna type
Scan mode
Target detection range (with target RCS – 5 sq. m, probability of detection – 0.9, radar site altitude – 300 m, target reflection centre height – 1 m), km
Max range of large surface target detection (target height – 25 m, radar antenna site altitude – 2,000 m above sea level), km
Small-size target coordinates measurement accuracy, not more than:
range, m
1% of range scale
bearing, deg
Continuous operation time, h
Combat crew