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Medium landing ship


The Project 21810 medium landing ship is designed to sealift and land assault troops and military equipment on unequipped shore; destroy enemy forces on the shore before landing; provide its self-defense. 


The Project 21810 medium landing ship has improved design and seaworthiness, owing to the use of corrosion-resistant alloys, extruded sections and panels, and a powerful power plant. 

Its peculiarity is a multiple rocket system designed to provide close support for the equipment being landed. Such a combination of a landing ship and fire support means indicates the mission of the ships in the face of strong enemy resistance. 

The ship is equipped with an automated movement and facilities management system. 

The Project 21810 medium landing ship is capable of delivering loads to the coastline areas within 2,500 miles. 

Its seaworthiness makes it possible to use weapons and equipment: 

- in sea point up to 4 inclusive ─ with no limits; 

- in sea point up to 5 inclusive ─ with limitations on speed and maneuvering with respect to the wind and waves. 

The ship stays afloat with any two adjacent main watertight compartments flooded. 


-A-22 Ogon shipborne flame-thrower and incendiary system, including two MS-227P launchers with 140mm OF-45 fragmentation rockets (110 pcs.), 140mm ZZh-45 incendiary rockets (110 pcs.) or 122mm A-215 Grad-M shipborne multiple rocket launcher system, including two MS-73 launchers with 122mm M-21OF HE rockets (110 pcs.); 

-two 30mm AK-630M automatic gun mounts (6,000 rounds) or two Palma shipborne automated artillery systems (6,000 rounds); 

-a modified MR-123-02 (Bagira) fire control system for shipborne 30mm, 57mm, 76mm, 100mm AA artillery systems; 

-eight Igla-1M MANPADS. 

Navigation equipment 

-Ladoga-ME-21810 inertial navigation and stabilization system or Kama-NS integrated compact navigation system; -Syuzhet-KM hydrometeorological support system; 

-LI2-1 log; -NEL-20K echo sounder; 

-KM145-4 magnetic compass; 

-PGM-С-009 gyrocompass; 

-Alyaska-Ch SNS electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS); 

-AQUA-BOARD-12/MX-421 receiver-indicator system. 

Electronic equipment 

-Pozitiv-ME1.2 active radar; 

-shipborne ECM system; 

-120mm PK-10 KT-216-05.04-M-E close-range decoy launcher system with A3-SK-50 combined chaff/flare rounds (120 pcs.); 

-Vaigach-U-Nayada-M basic navigation radar complete with the MR-212/201-1 or Pal-N-4 navigational radar; 

-MTK-201ME electro-optical near surface and air situation awareness system; 

-67R identification equipment; 

-Blokirovka weapon joint use system for surface combatants; 

-Podzagolovok-23 basic collective mutual interference avoidance system. 

Communications equipment 

External communication equipment - Buran-6E automated communication system or Rubin-EG-3 automated communication system. 

Aircraft support assets 

-helipad with takeoff, landing and servicing aids for a SAR helicopter weighing up to 12 tons; 

-helicopter temporary basing aids: 

~Palubnik-E visual and optical aircraft landing system; 

~Tulpan-V1 lighting system; 

~Syuzhet-KM hydrometeorological support system. 

Main propulsion plant 

A two-shaft plant based on two 2,700 kW WARTSILA 8L26 diesel engines driving two fixed-pitch propellers. 

Movement and facilities control is provided by automated main propulsion plant and facilities management systems. 

Electrical power system consists of four MAN D2866 diesel generators with the nominal continuous rating of 300 kW each and one MAN D0824 emergency harbor diesel generator with the nominal continuous rating of 100 kW.

Main characteristics
Full displacement, t
Standard displacement, t
Main dimensions, m:
max length
max beam
depth from the molded base to upper deck
designed draft
Carrying capacity, t
2 fixed-pitch propellers
Full speed, knots
Economical speed, knots
about 14
Economical cruising range with full fuel capacity, n. m.
up to 2 500
Endurance, days