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Rosoboronexport to exhibit 200+ DEFENCE items in Peru
14.05.2013 Press release

At the defence exhibition SITDEF 2013 held in Lima, Peru, from 15th to 19th May 2013, Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of Rostec Corporation, presents a wide range of Russian defence equipment items intended for Air Force, Navy and Army, including the T-90 main battle tank, Pantsir-S1 air defence gun/missile system, Smerch multiple launch rocket system, Su-30MK2 fighter, Mi-171Sh military helicopter, and other advanced defence-related products.

The key exhibit of the Russian exposition at the exhibition is the T-90S main battle tank. More than a thousand T-90 tanks have been exported by now, and many foreign experts and military operators highly appreciate their qualities as regards fire power, manoeuvrability and protection.

Among exhibits displayed at the Rosoboronexport stand is the Pantsir-S1 air defence gun/missile system designed to provide protection of civilian and military installations at a close range from any existing and prospective airborne weapons. The Pantsir-S1 features a multichannel target acquisition and tracking system smoothly integrated with its artillery weapons set. This enables the Pantsir-S1 to intercept simultaneously up to four air targets within a continuous engagement envelope ranging from 5 up to 15,000 meters in altitude and from 200 to 20,000 metres in distance. The Pantsir-S1 system provides effective defence of assigned objects against ground and surface threats. This air defence system is in service with armed forces in Russia and several foreign countries.

At SITDEF 2013 Rosoboronexport also showcases the Smerch multiple launch rocket system. It is in service with the Russian Army, and military experts consider it the most powerful multiple launch rocket system in the world. Its unsurpassed fire power has been already tested in twelve foreign countries. The Smerch rocket system is capable of firing a full salvo in less than 40 seconds to engage targets located at the range of up to 120 km over an area of about 65 hectares.

Taking into account clear interest expressed by Peru and other Latin American countries in Russian-made air systems, Rosoboronexport offers a wide nomenclature of aircraft and helicopters.

Thus, after Venezuela military pilots in other Latin American countries show great interest in the Su-30MK2 multi-role combat aircraft designed to gain air superiority and defeat surface and ground targets with all types of airborne weapons, primarily high-precision munitions. The Su-30MK2 multi-role fighter can successfully perform day and night combat missions both autonomously and in groups under any weather conditions. Its design provides accommodation for a second crew member, thus helping to reduce pilot’s workload during complex and long combat missions and to enhance quality of training when mastering flight control and weapons delivery skills.

Rosoboronexport also promotes a wide range of modern rotary-wing craft. The exposition includes the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter which embodies the best features of its famous predecessors. It is fitted, in addition, with advanced engines, flight control, navigation and radio-electronic equipment providing new capabilities allowing it to efficiently perform a wide range of missions both in peacetime and at war.

The deliveries of the Mi-171Sh helicopters to foreign customers were started in 2002. Helicopters of this family are efficiently operated in many countries in South-East and Central Asia, in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. More than 400 Mi-171 type helicopters overall are employed in 30 countries worldwide.

"We, as well as our partners, see that this exhibition held in the Peruvian capital becomes more informative and more attractive. We intend to hold a great number of meetings, talks and presentations with our old-time and potential foreign customers, - noted Sergei Ladygin, head of the Rosoboronexport regional department and head of the Russian delegation. – One could hardly have thought only 10-12 years ago that Russia ‎would be able to make a comeback to the Latin American arms market. Now we are cooperating in a constructive way with many countries in the region, gaining new areas in the field of military technical cooperation. Rosoboronexport is ready not only to supply combat materiel to Peru but also to set up a technical servicing centre for maintaining and repairing the Mi-171 type helicopters as well as to discuss issues on mutually beneficial industrial and technological cooperation."

JSC Rosoboronexport is a unique Russian state arms trade company entitled to export/import a full gamut of military and dual-purpose finished products, services and technologies. It is a subsidiary of the Rostec State Corporation. The holding is ranked as a major exporter to the world arms market. Its share in Russia's military exports total exceeds 80 percent. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with some 70 countries around the world. Rosoboronexport collaborates with more than 700 enterprises and organisations making part of the Russian defence industrial complex.

The Rostekhnologii State Corporation (Rostec) is a Russian company established in 2007 with the purpose to render assistance in the development, production and exports of high-technology military and civil-purpose industrial products. It incorporates 663 enterprises grouped into eight holding companies within the defence industrial complex and five holding companies in the civilian branches of the industry. The Rostec subsidiaries are located in 60 administrative regions of the Russian Federation; they supply their products to more than 70 foreign countries worldwide. The Rostec’s net profit in 2011 equalled 45.6 billion roubles, and taxes it paid into budgets at all levels amounted to 100 billion roubles.