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Smoke hand grenade RDG-M

The RDG-M Dym instant smoke hand grenade is designed to create instant smoke screens to camouflage law-enforcement officers against enemy accurate fire during special operations.

The smoke screen is non-transparent in the visible band throughout its smoke-screen time, and in the infrared at the moment of its generation. The grenade is charged with a phosphorus-based smoke-generating mixture. The RDG-M Dym has no explosive charge, and, thus no fragments, capable of inflicting injuries.

Principales características
Weight, g
Diameter, mm
Height with fuse PPM U-517, mm
Smoke screen generation time, s
not more than 2
Smoke screen length, m
not less than 10
Smoke screen height, m
not less than 3
Time to smoke screen dispersion, s
not less than 30
Admissible time in smoke cloud w/o
individual protection means, min
not more than 1