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9 mm special assault rifle

The 9mm AS special assault rifle is designed to destroy manpower, wearing individual means of protection and riding soft vehicles. Special rounds, a built-in silencer, and the moving parts design ensure silent and flameless fire. The assault rifle is fitted with a folding metal butt, and features small weight and dimensions.

All moving parts of the weapon are designed so as to provide for a maximum stability of the weapon. The trigger assembly provides for single-shot and full-automatic fire. The fire selector is behind the trigger.

The iron sights consist of a foresight and an adjustable rear sight. The assault rifle can be fitted with various optic and optronic sights.

The assault rifle fires 9x39mm SP-6 armor-piercing cartridges and SP-5 sniper cartridges. The cartridges are fed from a 20-round magazine.

Principales características
Caliber, mm
9х39mm SP-5 or SP-6
Effective range of fire, m
up to 400
Muzzle velocity, m/s
up to 295
Weight with empty magazine (w/o sight), kg
Length, mm:
butt extended
butt folded
Magazine capacity, rds
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