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Military transport aircraft

Mission and main tasks 

The IL-76MD-90A military transport aircraft is designed to airlift troops, cargo, military equipment and weapons, as well as conduct air dropping and air landing of personnel, cargo, military equipment and weapons.

The IL-76MD-90A is capable of effectively transporting personnel and cargo, including large-sized ones, and military equipment, airdropping personnel, cargo and military equipment, delivering ammunition, food, fuel, evacuating the wounded and sick people, as well as suppressing and isolating fires.

The aircraft takes off and lands on concrete and unpaved runways.

The IL-76MD-90A can be converted into ambulance or fire-fighting versions.

Airborne equipment

The IL-76MD-90A carries modern avionics, including a new generation integrated flight/sighting/navigation system. Its equipment enables the pilots to fly in any geographic and climatic conditions, day and night, and under normal and adverse weather conditions.

Troop-transport equipment

Troop-transport equipment of the aircraft includes a lowering cargo ramp, onboard pull winches, electric hoists, ramp extensions, light roller ways with a monorail, a cargo drop system providing single and serial air drops of cargo and equipment platforms, as well as side and removable center seats to carry people.

In addition, the cargo compartment can accommodate stretchers for transporting the wounded and sick people, as well as special medical modules for intensive care of critically wounded and spray tanks for fighting fires.

The main advantages

  • multifunction capability (military transport, ambulance and fire-fighting versions);
  • intercontinental flight range with payload;
  • operational suitability for use in any geographical and climatic conditions, day and night, and under normal and adverse weather conditions;
  • high flight safety and maintainability;
  • unpaved airfield operating capability;
  • autonomous capability for basing and operation on unprepared airfields (including loading/unloading operations);
  • capability to transport heavy military equipment and oversized cargo;
  • compliance with applicable ICAO navigation, flight safety, noise and emission requirements.
Principales características
Max takeoff weight, t
Max landing weight, t
Max payload weight, t
Aircraft cargo compartment:
length x width x height, m
24,50 х 3,45 х 3,40
capacity, m3
Speed, km/h
Service ceiling, km
Range, km:
60 ton payload
52 ton payload
number x max takeoff thrust, kgf
4 х 16000
Takeoff run, m
Landing run, m