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Guided missiles

The R-27R1, R-27ER1, R-27T1, R-27ET1 guided missiles are designed to engage aircraft and helicopters of all types, unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles, day or night, in adverse weather conditions, against the earth and sea background, when the enemy employs countermeasures, counter fire or evasive maneuvers.

The missiles use a configuration that is intermediate between the canard and tilt-wing configurations, with cruciform and tandem destabilizers, canards and wings. They feature the modular design architecture to accommodate a variety of seekers (semi-active radar, infrared or passive radar seekers) and propulsion systems for longer range.

These are the all-aspect missiles capable of attacking targets within the seeker’s field of view and intercept air targets flying at up to 3,500 km/h.

Maximum allowed vertical separation between target and launch platform is +/- 10 km.

The combined use of missiles with different seeker types in the ammunition load increases the effectiveness of aircraft systems’ armament suites.

Principales características
Firing range, km:
Launch weight, kg
Warhead weight, kg
Warhead type
rod, load-bearing
Guidance system
semi-active radar
Fuzing device
radar proximity + contact target sensor
Dimensions: length/ diameter/canard span, m
4,775 х 0,26 х 0,972