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Unguided aircraft rockets

The S-13 unguided aircraft rockets employed from aircraft and helicopters.

The S-13 unguided aircraft rockets are classified as air-to-ground rockets.

A number of rocket versions with different warheads are available:

  • S-13-T – with two-module concrete-piercing HE warhead;
  • S-13-OF – with HE fragmentation warhead;
  • S-13DF – with enhanced FAE warhead.

The rockets are intended to engage different types of ground targets (from manpower to armored materiel and hardened shelters). 


The rocket is designed to destroy aircraft in different types of shelters, including reinforced ones, command posts, demolish runways and defeat communications posts and other facilities.

The S-13-T rocket has been developed to enhance the lethality of the S-13 through the use of two separable autonomous warheads: the first warhead is of penetrating type (similar to the S-13’s warhead), while the second one is a HE warhead. Design solutions incorporated in the S-13-T rocket have enabled the designers not only to increase the weight of explosive delivered behind a barrier, but also ensure the optimal spacing between warhead blasting zones behind the barrier, which dramatically increases the effectiveness of the S-13-T compared with the S-13, without sacrificing penetration capability.

The S-13-T rocket development relies on the modularity principle: the second warhead (second module) can be either removed (then the S-13-T turns into the S-13) or replaced with another warhead.

Operating temperature range for all rocket versions is ±60° C.

Principales características
Caliber, mm
Length, mm
Missile/warhead/ explosive weight, kg
75/38 (tandem)
penetrates 6 m of earth and 1 m of reinforced concrete covered by 2-3 m of earth
Firing range, m
Rocket flight speed, km/h
Aircraft flight speed at firing, km/h