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Unguided aircraft rockets

The S-8 unguided aircraft rockets designed to destroy any ground targets and are used on almost all Russian-made military helicopters and aircraft.

The rockets are powered by a versatile solid fuel rocket motor.

Their construction has incorporated progressive methods for body forming from ready-made rolled aluminum, original design (locking of folding fins) and process solutions aimed at reducing manufacturing man-hours, costs and increasing operational reliability.

Currently, the following types of rockets are offered for export:

  • S-8KOM – with HEAT fragmentation warhead;
  • S-8BM – with concrete-piercing (penetrating) HE warhead;
  • S-8T – with tandem HEAT fragmentation warhead;
  • S-8DF – with FAE warhead;
  • S-8OM – with illuminating warhead;
  • S-8PM – with chaff warhead;
  • S-8TsM – with target designating (smoke) warhead.

Operating temperature range of all rocket versions is ±60º C, the caliber - 80mm.


Designed to engage manpower and soft-skinned military equipment located in folds of the terrain, forests and open-type field fortifications.

Principales características
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Flight speed, m/s
Missile/warhead/explosive weight, kg
Dimensions (length), m
TNT equivalent, kg