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Turbofan aircraft engine

The AL-41F-1S (article 117S) aircraft engine is a modular two-shaft turbofan engine with thrust vector control and integrated digital control.

The engine is installed on Su-35-type aircraft.

As for geometry and attachment points on the aircraft, the 117S engine conforms to its predecessors, the AL-31F and AL-31FP engines. This makes it possible to use the 117S engine for upgrading the entire fleet of previously built Su-27-/Su-30-type aircraft, with minor engine nacelle and equipment modifications.

Engine performance enhancement has been achieved through the use of a new low-pressure compressor with increased air flow and efficiency and a new turbine with an improved blade cooling system.

Principales características
Special power conditions, kgf
Full afterburner military thrust, kgf
Max military thrust (w/o afterburning), kgf
Specific fuel consumption (full afterburner military thrust setting), kg/(kgf·h)
Specific fuel consumption (max military thrust setting), kg/(kgf·h)
Turbine inlet temperature, °K
Length, m
Air inlet diameter, m
Dry weight, kg
Engine acceleration time (from idling to max military thrust setting), s
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