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The Dnepr lightweight launch vehicle (LV) is based on the RS-20 (NATO designation: SS-18, Satan) silo-launched ICBM. The LV offers high performance, accuracy of orbital injection and flight reliability. It can liftoff from launch pads currently operational at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The LV is fueled by hypergolic propellant components: unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine as fuel, and nitrogen tetroxide as oxidizer.

The LV includes the first, second and the adapter of the first and second stages, and the nose cone complete with adapter. All components of the configuration, except for the nose cone adapter, have been borrowed unchanged from the original RS-20 ICBM.

Payload is mounted in the body of the upper stage on a newly designed spacer pad.

The LV launches in a mortar mode from its standart launch canister, with the power unit of the first stage ignited upon release of the LV from the canister.

The LV is ability to maintain launch readiness for an unlimited period of time that may be restricted solely by the requirements of the integrated payload.

Principales características
LV type
liquid propellant, three-stage
Control system
autonomous, inertial
Launch weight, t
Lenght, m
Diameter, m
Payload mass for circular orbit at an altitude of, kg:
300 km
400 km
600 km
Injection accuracy (for 300 km altitude):
altitude, km
inclination, ang. min.
Flight reliability