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1PN93-1 AK
Night sight

The 1PN93-1 AS, 1PN93-1 AK, 1PN93-2 RPG, 1PN93-2 AK, 1PN93-3 SVD, 1PN93-3 PKM, 1PN93-4 SVD night sights are designed for target detection and recognition and aimed fire at point-blank range under natural night illumination conditions.

1PN93-1 (2/3/4) features:

  • high-performance optical systems and up-to-date Gen 2+ and Gen 3 image intensifier tubes;
  • simplicity and ease in operation;
  • standard mount on small arms fitted with side mounting rail;
  • zeroing mechanisms;
  • adjustable brightness of the aim mark;
  • automatic protection against light flares;
  • removable blind or a filter for use during the day;
  • the sights come with a zeroing device, monitor and a battery charger.
Principales características
Weapon type
AK-74M AN-94
Field of view, deg
Sight weight, not more than, kg:
firing position
stowed position
travelling position
Overall dimensions, mm
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