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7.62 mm Kalashnikov infantry machine gun

The 7.62mm Pecheneg infantry machine gun is designed to engage enemy manpower, fire weapons and air targets.

The machine gun can fire the whole range of 7.62mm rifle ammunition. It is fitted with a gas regulator to ensure reliable operation under various operating conditions.

A high level of commonality with the PKM machine gun and a similar action ensure reliable operation of the Pecheneg machine gun under any operating conditions.

The design of the machine gun incorporates new technical solutions to improve the barrel cooling efficiency, which made it possible to exclude a spare barrel from the Pecheneg machine gun.

The enhanced rigidity of the barrel, the elimination of its thermal deformation due to wind effects and actually the absence of air heat flow from the heated barrel helped improve the aiming conditions and increase the accuracy of fire more than twice.

Principales características
Caliber, mm
Cartridge, mm
Number of grooves
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Belt capacity, rds
100 and 200
Overall dimensions, mm
Operating temperature range, °C
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