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Anti-tank missile system

The Kornet-EM anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system is a day/night, precision-guided long-range missile system with a jam-resistant laser-beam riding guidance system intended to counter ground and air targets in electronic and optical countermeasures environments.

The Kornet-EM ATGM system is available in two versions:

1. A vehicle-mounted version based on an automated launcher with a sighting/launch module fitted with a TV/thermal sight and an automatic target tracking system, which:

  • implements the fire-and-forget missile concept through the use of the automatic target tracker with the guaranteed long-range hit probability of at least 0.97-0.99;
  • effectively engages air targets, including reconnaissance and reconnaissance/attack UAVs, which is a new mission for ATGM systems;
  • provides a significant increase in the rate of fire and firing performance through simultaneous salvo firing at two targets and higher missile speed;
  • almost doubles the effective range compared to the Kornet-E, while improving the guidance accuracy up to 5 times;
  • reduces psychophysical loads on operators, relaxes the requirements for their skills, shortens their training time through automatic target engagement.

2. A portable/vehicle-mounted version based on an upgraded Kornet-E’s launcher, which:

  • increases the maximum firing range up to 10 km during daylight and up to 8 km at night;
  • improves the target accuracy through higher magnification of the sight channel and addition of two 12x and 20x fields of view to it.

The ATGM system can fire all of the Kornet-E missiles. Automated launchers can be mounted on different platforms.

Principales características
Guidance system
automatic, laser beam riding
Range of fire, m:
missile with HE warhead
150 to 10,000
missile with tandem HEAT warhead
150 to 8,000
Armor penetration behind ERA, mm
Number of targets engaged simultaneously by salvo, pcs.
Capability of firing two missiles against one target
Missiles, pcs.
including ready-to-fire missiles
Time to change over from travelling to combat position, not more than, s
Operating temperature range, °C
-20 to +60