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Infantry fighting vehicle

The BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle is designed to improve mobility, armament and protection of the infantry on the battlefield, including in NBC environment.

The BMP-3 is a unique fighting vehicle that combines the properties of an infantry fighting vehicle, a tank destroyer, an amphibious APC and a fire support vehicle. Unique engineering solutions have made it possible to develop a fighting vehicle offering balance between unmatched firepower, high mobility and protection.

The vehicle has a unique armament suite: a 100mm gun/launcher, 30mm automatic cannon and a 7.62mm machine gun in a single block, as well as two bow machine guns in the hull front section.

The 100mm semiautomatic rifled gun can fire both conventional high-explosive shells and guided missiles at ranges up to 4,000 m. Its loader provides the rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute. The 30mm automatic cannon is used to engage ground and air targets at ranges up to 4,000 m. The cannon has a twin belt feed and can fire three types of ammunition: high-explosive-incendiary, armor-piercing tracer and fragmentation tracer rounds.

The SOZH-M sighting system, with a built-in rangefinder and an integrated missile guidance system, offers improved optical performance. Independent two-plane FOV stabilization ensures high accuracy of fire. The Vesna-K night sighting system with a thermal imaging camera enables effective reconnaissance and fire not only at night, but also in the fog, dust or smoke conditions.

High mobility performance is provided by a multi-fuel engine and an original-design hydromechanical transmission. Two water jets provide high maneuverability afloat. The vehicle is able to cross water obstacles in stride without preparation.

The BMP-3 is fitted with modern means of communication, an NBC protection system, fire-fighting equipment, a smoke-screen laying system and self-entrenching equipment.

Principales características
tracked, armored, amphibious
Combat weight, t
7 (+ two additional seats)
UTD-29T unsupercharged four-stroke, 10-cylinder, direct-injection, liquid-cooled, multi-fuel, dry sump diesel
Engine power, hp
Maximum speed, km/h:
Average speed (dry dirt road), km/h
Cruising range (highway), km
100mm gun/launcher
2A70, semiautomatic, rifled
HE rounds
22 (in automatic loader conveyor) 18 (in non-mechanized stowage rack)
8 (3 out of them in mechanized stowage rack)
30mm automatic cannon
боекомплект, выстрелов
7.62mm machine gun
3 x PKTM
3 x 2,000 (belted)