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30 mm automatic gun mount


The 30mm AK-630M automatic gun mount is designed to engage air and surface targets, such as anti-ship missiles, aircraft, helicopters, other types of air strike weapons, as well as small-size surface ships, drifting mines, and fire emplacements and observed enemy personnel ashore.

It is a turret-type mount remotely controlled by a fire control radar system and a sighting station (backup control post). It features AO-18 automatic gun with a revolving, continuously cooled six-barrel cluster, automatic belt feed, and a breech block mechanism to ram the round and extract the case after the shot.

The AO-18 employs water cooling of the cluster that makes it possible to conduct arduous duty firing.


  • replacement option for the vintage AK-230 shipborne gun mounts;
  • increased ammunition load ready for automatic fire (2,000 rounds in a round-type magazine);
  • high rate of fire of AO-18 six-barrel gun with the revolving cluster unit;
  • remote laying by the fire control system and sighting station;
  • fire adjustment and crew training capabilities (fire with practice rounds at target imitators).
Principales características
Caliber, mm
Max range of fire, m
up to 5000
Rate of fire, rds/min
up to 5000
Laying angles, deg:
-180 ... +180
-12 ... +88
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Ammunition load, rds
2000 (in magazine)
Gun mount weight (w/o ammunition load), kg
not more than 1000