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Small-size sonar contrameasures system for submarine protection


The Vist-E small-size sonar countermeasures system is designed to protect submarines from torpedoes equipped with active-passive acoustic homing systems. It either generates jamming signals in the required frequency bands at a certain distance from the submarine, which disable the receiving channels of the torpedo’s homing system and the latter lose the capability to detect submarines, or provides simulated emission, which seduces the torpedo causing it to home in on the drifting sonar decoy.

Basic specifications:

  •  types of acoustic countermeasures - jamming and (or) simulated emission;
  •  type of jamming - broadband barrage, frequency spot jamming;
  •  kind of simulation – submarine’s secondary sonar field;
  •  jamming emission mode - continuous and pulse;
  •  range of emitted frequencies – corresponds to the torpedo pings;
  •  signal emission field – omnidirectional in the horizontal plane, sector in the vertical plane;
  •  operational drifting depth envelope – 15 to 350 m (the drifting envelope is maintained automatically with respect to the placement horizon);
  •  operation time – at least 6 min;
  •  submarine speed during decoy placement - up to 12 knots;
  •  dimensions: caliber – 123mm; length – 810 mm; weight – 13.5 kg.

Operation features

No preliminary setting is required.

Automatic mode selection.

Principales características