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The project 21632 small-size missile (gun) ship


The Project 21632 Tornado small-size missile (gun) ship is designed to perform combat missions on the open seas and navigable rivers as well as peacetime missions in the zone of responsibility of its Task Force.


  • combat protection of convoys, destruction of enemy stationary and floating facilities;
  • artillery fire support for amphibious assault forces, suppression/destruction of enemy assets and manpower ashore;
  • repelling of enemy air attacks;
  • implementation of tactical reconnaissance, patrol and security tasks, delivery and landing of reconnaissance-and-sabotage groups on enemy coast, participation in counter-terrorist operations, search and rescue of crew members of ships and aircraft in distress;
  • patrolling of the territorial sea and Exclusive Economic Zone.

Armament &Equipment

Artillery systems

  • 100mm A-190 Universal versatile gun mount (ammunition load - 80 rounds);
  • 2x30mm AK-306 gun mounts (ammunition load - 2x500 rounds).

Fire control system

5P-10-03E fire control radar;

Unguided rocket weapons (artillery version)

MS-73 launcher in A-215 Grad-M system (ammunition load - 160 rounds).

Air defence systems

Gibka pedestal mount for Igla-type MANPADS.

Attack missile weapons (missile system version)

- Uran-E missile system (2x4 launchers, 3R-60UE1 ship control system, eight Kh-35E missiles).

Machine guns:

  • 2x14.5mm MTPU machine guns pedestal mount (ammunition load - 2x2,000 rounds);
  • 3x7.62mm PKMB machine guns (ammunition load - 3x1,000 rounds).

Jamming system:

- PK-10 decoy dispenser system.

Anti-saboteur weapons:

  • Anapa-ME sonar;
  • DP-64 hand grenade launcher (ammunition load - 128 grenades).

Identifying system:

- 67R IFF radar system

Combat information management system


Target acquisition and weapons control systems

  • Pozitiv-ME1.2 radar;
  • MR-231E navigation radar;
  • 5P-10-03E radar;
  • Ladoga-ME INSS.
Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 560
Length x beam x draft, m
about 61,45 х 9,6 х 2,0
Full speed, knots
about 26
Cruising speed, knots
Range (at 12 knots), n.m.
about 1500 (about 2300 - missile ship)
Main propulsion plant
dual-shaft, diesel, CODAD
Main engine power, kW
4 х about 2720
Electric power supply system, kW
2 х 300
two water-jets
Endurance, days
Complement (recommended)
39 (36 - missile ship)