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Coastal modular operative post


The 83t170-E coastal modular operative post is intended for automation functional activity of the officers of the Navy’s combat control centers, Navy regional commands (fleet, zones) headquarters, as well as for providing of the automated realization of combat control naval Task Force (troops) processes.


  • gathering, processing and display of the information on situation of the one's forces, enemy and environment on data from regional centers, data registration, accounting, documenting and archiving;
  • estimation of operational situation and control taking into account forecasting of situation development;
  • data redistribution between the regional centers data communications;
  • data formation and output to the higher HQ and subordinate forces;
  • performance of operational/tactical and special assessments;
  • providing steady concealed communication and data exchange with Task Force (troops) and control staffs, realization of TCP/IP, Х-25 stack data communication protocols including;
  • providing cryptoprotection and dummy resistance of transmitted data;
  • training for the operational/technical personnel of maintenance, service, repair and restoration of centre`s equipment;
  • preparation and carrying out of Task Force battle exercises;
  • staff personal accounting and conducting.
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