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Night Vision Riflescope

Quick and efficient 

Light, high quality riflescope compatible with a wide range of weapons.

3+ generation IIT with automatic brightness control and manual gain adjustment;
fast entry of ballistic corrections for shooting at mid and long-range distances.

The ‘Namestnik’ night vision riflescope is intended to be attached to a rifle for observation, target detection and identification, short, medium and long-range precise shooting with AK, AS, VSS, RPK, PECHENEG and similar weapons in natural night illumination.

The riflescope can be mounted on the Weaver/Picatinny rail. The delivery set includes the Weaver/Picatinny - side mount adapter.

The single-turn elevation adjustment turret has a clear precise tactile click and is equipped with the zero-stop mechanism.
Main characteristics
Optical magnification
3.5 ×
Angular field of view, m/100m (degrees)
17.5 (10.0)
Objective focal length and F-number
100 mm F/1.5
Eye relief, mm
Batteries lifetime at 23 °C, hours
Weight, kg
Operational Temperature, °C
from -50 to +50
Operational Humidity, %
up to 98