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Night vision goggles

High-quality high-aperture night optics 

The high-quality optical system takes account of IIT peculiarities and spectral light contents in darkness, and rigid tolerances in the optics manufacturing process. It provides high image quality and high resolution across the entire field of view in our night vision devices and riflescopes.

The head-mounted night vision goggles DVS-8 are designated for night observation and orientation.Operational temperature range is between -40°С and +50°С with relative humidity up to 98%

This model is powered with two AA (1.5V) batteries. Duration of continuous operation in normal environmental conditions exceed 60 hours.

Main characteristics
Optical Magnification
Angular Field of View, m/100m (degrees)
70 (40)
Objective Focal Length and F-number
26 mm F/1.2
Focus Range, m
from 0.3 to ∞
IIT Generation
2+, 3+
Photocathode Sensitivity, μA/lm
Eyepieces Diopter Adjustment
-3.5 ... +4
Weight, kg
0.42 (0.49)