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Cargo Inspection System

Perfect solution for the best result 

Precise and effective non-intrusive inspection system with unprecedented performance and unique functions.

up to 400 mm penetration on steel;
0.5% contrast sensitivity;
discrimination of up to 4 groups of materials;
evaluation of the weight of scanned object entirely or partially;
discrimination of heavy metals group (lead, tungsten).

The ST-6035 X-ray inspection system is designed for fast, reliable and effective inspection of freights transported on vehicles. The arc-shaped detector line together with a powerful yet safe linear electron accelerator the ST-6035 offers unprecedented image quality.

Among many features of the ST-6035 a special highlight is merited to the following functions:
- Z-recovery function offers the possibility to recover the effective atomic number of an object behind a material with unknown atomic number (especially useful to remove container walls and see the true picture);
- X-weight function weighs partially or entirely the scanned freight.

Precise, safe, robust and reliable, the ST-6035 offers the possibility to build a distributed safety and control system which can be operated remotely from any place independently of the distance between the inspection systems.

Main characteristics
Maximum penetration in steel, mm
Detection of steel wire (in air), mm
Contrast sensitivity, %
Number of discriminated groups of materials
Mass thickness range of effective material discrimination, g/cm2
from 15 to 140
Maximal dimensions of vehicle (L х W х H), m
20 × 3 × 4,5
Technical throughput capability, vehicles/hour