Air defence systems
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Air defence missile and gun system

Perfect protection for any object

Mobile, multi-channel short-range air defence system has high firepower and is able to effectively engage a wide class of air attack weapons.

"Pantsir-S1" ADMGS has combined missile and gun weapons, a short reaction time and the ability of a combat vehicle to conduct reconnaissance and engagement of air targets in motion.

"Pantsir-S1" ADMGS is designed for air defence of small military, administrative, and industrial facilities and areas, including mobile ones, against fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, cruise missiles, and high-precision weapons as well as for strengthening air defence units against massive air strikes.

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Counter-UAV Systems

Main characteristics
Engagement range for the airplane with radar cross-section of 2 sq. m and target speed of 300 m/s:
With missiles:
1200-20000 m
15-15000 m
With gun weapons
200-4000 m
0-3000 m
Quantity of simultaneously engaged targets
The maximum speed of engaged targets
1000 m/s