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Air defence missile and gun system Perfect protection for any object Mobile, multi-channel short-range air defence system has high firepower and is able to effectively engage a wide class of air attack weapons. "Pantsir-S1" ADMGS has combined missile and gun weapons, a short reaction time and the ability of a combat vehicle to conduct reconnaissance and engagement of air targets in motion. "Pantsir-S1" ADMGS is designed for air defence of small ...

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Rosoboronexport signs 20 contracts worth €2 billion with foreign customers at Army 2021

... export Russian defense industry products for all services of the armed forces, as well as electronic warfare and air defense equipment in the coming years. Among them are the Su-30 type aircraft, Mi-35P, Mi-171SH and Mi-17V-5 helicopters, air weapons, Pantsir-S1 self-propelled anti-aircraft gun/missile (SPAAGM) system, Kornet-EM ATGM system, remotely controlled weapon stations, weapons for surface combatants and submarines, small arms and short-range weapons, various ammunition. "The agreements ...

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Pantsir: Strong «armor» for Russia’s military-technical cooperation

... final line of defense of multi-layer integrated air defense system, as well as a counter to low-flying planes and helicopters, drones and missiles.” This capability, according to the author, is becoming crucial in today’s conditions. Indeed, the Pantsir-S1SPAAGM system fully meets all the requirements for countering current air threats at present and in the near future, due to the following design features: combined gun/missile armament, which makes it possible to create a continuous target engagement ...

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Rosoboronexport to Bring Over 270 Pieces of Equipment to Army-2016

... services with several displays complete with interactive augmented reality technologies. This will particularly be used to demonstrate the Su-35 super maneuverable multirole fighter, Mi-35M versatile helicopter gunship with troop carrying capabilities, and Pantsir-S1 AA gun-missile system. Though the actual spotlight will be on counter-terrorism and efforts will be taken to promote to foreign markets Rosoboronexport’s new product, i.e. armament and equipment providing capabilities for setting comprehensive ...

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Rosoboronexport to showcase land forces equipment and air defense weapons in Paris

... who leads the joint Rostec-Rosoboronexport delegation. Rosoboronexport expects keen interest in the various versions of the BMP-3 IFV, T-90S and T-90MS tanks, Smerch multiple rocket launch system, BTR-82A APC, SPM-2 GAZ-233136 special police vehicle, Pantsir-S1, Tor-M2KM and Buk-M2E SAM systems, Ka-52 and Mi-28NE attack helicopters. During the exhibition, Rosoboronexport will hold scheduled talks with its European partners. The Company also expects to meet with delegations from Southeast Asia, the ...

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Russian weapons still have high export potential in the Malaysian market

..., close assault weapons, air defense systems, a variety of arms and training simulators. Foreign delegations are expected to take keen interest in the Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Mi-35M, Mi-28NE and Ka-52 attack helicopters, UAV systems, Pantsir-S1 air defense missile/gun system as well as the Metis-M1 ATGM system. During the exhibition Rosoboronexport will hold a presentation for Malaysian partners on the Mi-171Sh helicopter, T-90MS tank, BTR-82A APC, Pantsir-S1 air defense missile/gun ...

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Rosoboronexport will present land forces’ equipment and air defenses in Paris

... various BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle versions, a lightweight version of the Smerch multiple rocket launcher system, upgraded 155mm MSTA-S self-propelled howitzer, Kornet-EM anti-tank missile system, Khrizantema-S self-propelled anti-tank system, Pantsir-S1, Tor-M2E and Buk-M2E SAM systems, Ka-52, Mi-28NE, and Mi-35M attack helicopters, and Mi-17-type military transport helicopters. Talks with leading world manufacturers of weapons and military equipment have been scheduled to be held during the ...

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Rosoboronexport enhances cooperation with Malaysia

... substantially improve combat capabilities of army units fighting against separatist and terrorist groups. Rosoboronexport specialists believe that the Malaysian side will be very much interested in the Buk-M2E medium-range air defence missile system, Pantsir-S1 close-range air defence gun/missile system, Kornet-E/Kornet-EM and Metis-M1 antitank missile systems, as well as Mirazh, Sobol and Mangust patrol boats. Plans are made also to discuss issues related to the implementation of the continuing contracts ...

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Rosoboronexport promotes contacts with Chile

... multi-role supermaneuverable fighter, and Il-76MD-90A military transport aircraft. The issues related to aftermarket support and service center development in the region will also be discussed within aviation topics. All major Russian SAM systems – Pantsir-S1, Buk- M2E, Tor-M2E and Igla-S – show great promise, too. “Of course, the Latin American market is traditional for Western European and American manufacturers. However, we offer not just military hardware and armaments that are more cost-effective ...

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Rosoboronexport will discuss industrial cooperation with India

... modernized T-90S MBT, T-90S-based engineer vehicles, BMPT-72 tank support combat vehicle, Sprut SD self-propelled anti-tank gun, tactical automated command & control system as well as Russian air defense weapons of all classes. Among the latter are the Pantsir-S1, Tor-M2KM, Tunguska-M1, and Igla-S, which Rosoboronexport is offering for the Indian Army’s tenders. After-sales service of the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya will be among the naval issues to be discussed at DEFEXPO India. In addition,...

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SITDEF - 2013

Rosoboronexport has presented more than 200 samples of weapons and military equipment in Peru From 15 to 19 May 2013 in the framework of SITDEF 2013 Rosoboronexport demonstrated in Lima (Peru) T-90 tank, ZRPK "Carapace-C1" MLRS "Smerch", Su-30MK2 fighters, Mi-171SH other promising examples of Russian military products destination for aviation, naval and ground forces.

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Rosoboronexport to exhibit 200+ DEFENCE items in Peru

... exhibition SITDEF 2013 held in Lima, Peru, from 15th to 19th May 2013, Rosoboronexport, a subsidiary of Rostec Corporation, presents a wide range of Russian defence equipment items intended for Air Force, Navy and Army, including the T-90 main battle tank, Pantsir-S1 air defence gun/missile system, Smerch multiple launch rocket system, Su-30MK2 fighter, Mi-171Sh military helicopter, and other advanced defence-related products At the defence exhibition SITDEF 2013 held in Lima, Peru, from 15th to 19th ...

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Russia brings its largest exposition to Brazil

... managed by the Rostec Corporation will be three times larger than that at LAAD 2011. The Rosoboronexport stand will display air defence assets in the centre stage. As expected, specialists will be most interested in such air defence equipment as the Pantsir-S1 gun-missile system, Tor-M2E and upgraded Pechora-2M missile systems, as well as Palma ship-borne missile system. The Rosoboronexport stand will also exhibit a full-scale mockup of the Igla-S man-portable air defence missile systems with an ...

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Rosoboronexport will present more than 200 items of Russian armaments and military equipment at Indo Defence 2012 Expo & Forum

... to develop its own defence industry", - said Viktor Komardin, deputy director general of Rosoboronexport and head of the delegation to the exhibition. Rosoboronexport expect that Russian air defence systems, such as the Buk-M2E missile system, Pantsir-S1 gun/missile system, and Igla-S man-portable air defence missile system, will draw special attention this year. Rosoboronexport proposes to Indonesia a concept of integrated air defence system based on the Buk-M2E medium-range air defence missile ...

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Rosoboronexport at Africa Aerospace&Defence 2012

... South Africa). The demonstration of the BMPT tank support combat vehicle and upgraded T-72 main battle tank is expected to be the centre stage of the show. In addition, Rosoboronexport, JSC has prepared for this exhibition a special presentation of the Pantsir-S1 air defence missile/gun system (ADMGS) Russia will present several full-scale weapon systems together for the first time at the international arms exhibition Africa Aerospace and Defence 2012 (19-23 September 2012, the Republic of South Africa)....

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Russia – Kazakhstan: enriching the good traditions of military-technical cooperation

... aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles, but also tactical ballistic and air-launched missiles (including antiradar ones), precision-guided submunitions, as well as surface and ground radio-contrast targets in an ECM and counterfire environment. The Pantsir-S1 short-range missile/gun air defense system is of interest to many countries in the region. It is designed to provide close air defense cover for civilian and military installations from all current and future air threats. If necessary, it can ...

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