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BMP-2M (sb4-3)
Infantry fighting vehicle

The BMP-2M infantry fighting vehicle is designed to equip motor rifle infantry units, improve mobility, armament and protection of the personnel operating on the battlefield, including in NBC environment.

Two versions of the upgraded vehicle have been developed in the process of BMP-2 modernization: the first variant (sb4-2) is designed for combating enemy manpower and the second (sb4-3) – for use in tank approach routes.

In the first case, the firing capabilities are enhanced by installing additional weapons – a 30mm AG-17 automatic grenade launcher mounted in the turret rear on an L-shaped support. Aimed fire from the grenade launcher is conducted by means of gunner's primary sight or 1PZ-13 commander’s sight having scales for automatic grenade launcher to a maximum range of 1,730 m.

To fire the main armament, the vehicle is equipped with the BPK-3-42 combined binocular gunner's sight providing a range of vision of the side projection of a medium tank at night in active mode of at least 1,300 m. The PL-1 laser illuminator is used as an infrared source of illumination. To counter enemy tanks and other heavily armoured vehicles, the BMP-2M (sb4-2) is fitted with the Konkurs-M second-generation anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system.

The BMP-2M (sb4-3) is equipped with an advanced multichannel gunner's sight, a new armament stabilizer and ballistic computer with firing conditions sensors. The multichannel gunner's sight with independent field-of-view stabilization, which includes a variable-power optical channel, a night thermal imaging channel, a laser rangefinder and an ATGM guidance channel, simplifies and facilitates the target reconnaissance process, reduces the time and improves the fire mission effectiveness. The detection range for a tank-type target is up to 5,000 m, target identification at night using the thermal channel is possible at up to 3,000 m.

A stabilized platform with two ready-to-fire Ataka-T supersonic laser beam-riding ATGMs carrying HEAT or thermobaric warheads is fitted to the top of the turret roof. Guidance of ATGMs is provided by the gunner/operator using the primary sight. The missiles can be fired both at the halt and on the move. A high flight speed of the missile reduces the time during which the gunner has to hold the laying mark on the target, whereas high armour penetration of the warhead provides assured defeat of virtually any modern tank.

The upgraded vehicles are equipped with the UTD-23 higher-power supercharged engine and a higher performance running gear (road wheels with increased load-carrying capacity, increased rigidity torsion bars, higher-performance shock absorbers, and tracks with rubber pads). These engineering solutions have increased maneuverability, ride comfort and the average speed of the vehicle.

Main characteristics
tracked, armored, amphibious, airtransportable
Combat weight, t
UTD-23 supercharged, four-stroke, 6-cylinder, high-speed, direct-injection diesel
Engine power, hp
Maximum speed, km/h:
Average speed (dry dirt road), km/h
Cruising range (highway), km
30mm automatic cannon
7.62mm machine gun coaxial with cannon
2.000 (belted)