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Coastal missile system

Instant strike 

Mobile costal frontier 

Supersonic speed of missiles;
High mobility;
Large impact area;
The system can deliver strikes from the depth of the territory. It is also possible to disperse system’s combat units on a large area;
Capable of engaging land targets.

A salvo of Yakhont missiles can overcome the air defence system of nearly every ship.

Thanks to the long range of fire and high velocity of Yakhont missiles Bastion is capable of delivering sudden strikes against distant sea-surface targets.

Usage of flexible program-controlled flight path allows missiles to overcome the air defence system and to approach targets from the unexpected directions.

Mobility of the system provides for its high maneuverability and covertness of the combat use.

Bastion coastal missile system ensures reliable defence of large water areas from sea-surface ships.

Main characteristics
Maximum range of fire, km
Missile’s velocity, m/s
Angle of after-launch turn, degrees
Number of missiles in a salvo (for 6 launching units), un.
Time of deployment, min