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Mobile control post

The PU-12M7 is a battery command and control post, designed to automate control of air defense systems on the move and at halt for repelling enemy air attacks.

The PU-12M7 can provide automated control of up to:

  • Strela-10M2 and Strela-10M3 SAM system's combat vehicles (CV);
  • Osa-AK (AKM) SAM system's CV;
  • Tor-M1 (Tor-M2E) SAM system's CV;
  • Tunguska-M1 SP anti-aircraft gun/missile system's CV;
  • Igla MANPADS;
  • ZSU-23-4M4 (Shilka) and ZU-23 self-propelled (SP) anti-aircraft systems after modernization.


  • provides interface with a radar, processes and transmits digital data on the air situation;
  • controls weapon systems while on the move or at halt by providing them with target designation data, cease-fire commands, and alerts of targets taken for engagement by neighboring surface-to-air missile systems;
  • determines the current position of the C2 post on the move using a built-in navigation and positioning system;
  • gathers and displays information on the status of controlled combat vehicles and available ammunition loads, helping the commanding officers objectively assess the progress of operations;
  • establishes communication links using:
    1. five VHF and HF radios and two radio receivers;
    2. five telephone lines with the superior command post and controlled assets.

The PU-12M7’s automation, communication, and data transfer equipment is based on advanced circuit components and features high reliability.

Principales características
Targets received from external sources
Simultaneously tracked targets
Radar data sources connected at once:
primary (radars with analog output signal)
secondary (higher command post and radars with coded output signal)
Target coordinates measurement envelope, km
Target data limits:
altitude, km
speed, m/s
Data transmission range, radio link / field cable, km
Communication range, km
Continuous operation time, h
Weight, kg
Dimensions (length х width х height), mm
7700 х 2900 х 2630
Fuel range, hard road/ soil road, km
600 / 500
Speed, km/h:
max road speed
average cross-country speed
max water speed