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Mobile unified battery command post


The Ranzhir-M1 mobile unified battery command post is designed to provide automated operations control of air defence units, including mixed AD units, both at-the-halt and on-the-move, in a variety of geographic areas, climatic and weather conditions.

The Ranzhir-M1 CP can be used as:

  • battery command post;
  • SAM regiment (battalion) command post;
  • mixed AD unit CP.


  • Automation equipment package is a computer system comprising:
  • four workstations;
  • printer;
  • satellite navigation receiver;
  • digital recorder.
  • Communications and data transfer system consisting of:
  • HF/VHF/UHF radios;
  • data security and transfer equipment;
  • voice data encryption equipment;
  • intercom and voice/data switching equipment;
  • wire line protection equipment.
  • Power supply system consisting of:
  • two diesel generating sets with a capacity exceeding 8 kW each;
  • a generating set (with a capacity of at least 16 kW) driven by the main engine (PTO generator);
  • rectifying device for converting three-phase 380 VAC power supply to 27 VDC;
  • separate battery pack;
  • primary power supply entry, switching and circuit protection devices, secondary power distribution facilities.
  • Life support equipment (air conditioner, heating/ventilation unit, lighting, etc.).
  • Set of operational documentation
  • Single SPTA set for maintenance and running repair.

    • For solving tactical problems, preparing and planning engagement operations of a SAM regiment (battalion), MP02RPM command post vehicle with a power plant can additionally be supplied.

Principales características
Number of data links:
digital real-time radar data
operational/tactical information
Total air targets tracked
up to 255
Airspace and ground surveillance zone, km
up to 800
Communication range, km:
via radio link during communications with higher CP, BCP, radar
up to 40
via field cable during communications with higher CP, BCP, radar
up to 15
via radio link during communications with CV
up to 5
via field cable during communications with CV
up to 0,5
Number of workstations,
including remote ones
Continuous operation time, h
not less than 48
Emplacement time, min
up to 5
Weight (operational condition), kg
up to 14000