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9 mm special sniper rifle

The 9mm VSS special silenced sniper rifle is designed to destroy manpower wearing body armor and riding soft vehicles, when silent and flameless fire is required. The VSS is a quickly knock-down rifle, suitable for concealed carrying.

The rifle fires 9x39mm SP-5 subsonic sniper cartridges or SP-6 cartridges.

The rifle is gas-operated. The breechblock is locked by six recoil lugs. The hammerless trigger assembly provides for single-shot and full-automatic fire. The built-in silencer considerably reduces the speed and temperature of expansion gases. As a result the report is some 130 dB, which corresponds to that of a small-caliber sporting rifle.

The rifle is fitted with the PSO-1-1 four-fold magnification optical sniper sight, with illuminated crosshairs. The standard attachment, mounted on the left side of the receiver, can be used for fitting various optical and night sights. The rounds are fed from a 10-round double-column box-type magazine, interchangeable with the 20-round magazines of the 9mm AS special assault rifle and the 9mm AM (SR3) small-size assault rifle.

Principales características
Caliber, mm
9x39mm SP-5 or SP-6
Muzzle velocity, m/s
Effective range of fire, m:
with optical sight
with night sight
Weight w/o sight, with empty magazine, kg
Length, mm
Magazine capacity, rds