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Air-to-air guided missile

The RVV-MD air-to-air guided missile is designed to destroy air targets (fighters, attack aircraft, bombers, helicopters and military transport aircraft) from any direction, day or night, against the earth background, and in a heavy ECM environment.

The RVV-MD is a short-range dogfight missile with all-aspect passive infrared homing (a two-band IR seeker) and combined gas/aerodynamic control.

Fuze type: radar. Warhead type: rod.

Principales características
Firing range, km:
max (in FHS)
up to 40
min (in RHS)
Target engagement altitude, km
Launch/warhead weight, kg
Guidance system
all-aspect passive infrared homing (two-band IR seeker) and combined gas/aerodynamic control
Off-boresight/seeker deflection angle, deg
Target load factor, g
up to 12
Propulsion system
single-mode solid fuel rocket motor
Dimensions: length/diameter/wingspan/canard span, m
2,92 х 0,17 х 0,51 х 0,385