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Assault parachute system

The assault parachute system D-10 is intended for conduction of jumps from military transport aircraft and helicopters by the paratroopers of all specialties with or without personal equipment sets as well as solo and group jumps.

Main parachute has non-flat circular canopy with aerodynamic profile along the bottom edge with area of 100 m2.

The parachute system (total gross mass of the paratrooper being 140 kg) ensures:

  • reliable operation at the altitude in a range from 200 up to 4,000 m (at speed 140-400 km/h);
  • 180 degree turn in any direction for not more than 60 seconds;
  • functioning together with Z-5 type reserve parachute;
  • neutral main parachute canopy position in descent;
  • attachment of the cargo canister type GK-30 (GK -30U);
  • deployment of the main parachute either by the paratrooper himself or by the instrument PPK-U–165A-D (AD-ZU-D-165);
  • main parachute canopy deflation at the moment of landing (splashing down) under high ground wind speed conditions with the help of the release device on the harness right riser;
  • harness adjustment to the paratroopers of 1.5-1.9 m height;
  • steady descent under the main as well as stabilizing parachutes;
  • comfortable landing.
Principales características
Average vertical descent velocity (main parachute), m/s
not more than 5
Average horizontal speed of movement under the main parachute back and forth, m/s
not less than 2.6
Flight mass of paratrooper, kg
Weight without carry bag and instrument, kg
not more than 11.7
Specified number of applications
Basic dimensions of the packed parachute system, max, m,: