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Mobile antenna system

The MAS-3 mobile antenna system is designed to receive radiotelemetry information and operate with receiving-recording stations based on air- and spacecraft.

The MAS-3 antenna system comprises:

  • reflector system;
  • rotary support;
  • guidance equipment;
  • radio equipment;
  • set of spares and transport boxes.

The MAS-3 antenna system (except for guidance equipment) is designed to operate outdoors. The system maintains its performance capabilities under the following external environment:

  • ambient temperatures of -40°C to +50°C;
  • relative air humidity of 100% or less;
  • wind speed of 20 m/s or less;
  • after wind forcing with the airflow speed of no more 30 m/s the system maintains stability.

The guidance equipment is designed to operate indoors at the ambient temperature of +5°C to +40° C and at the relative air humidity of no more than (80±3)% at (25±3)°C.

MAS-3 antenna system operating modes

Manual - control from PC keyboard.
Test - operability check.
Resetting - automatic guidance in the preassigned direction during the minimum possible time.
Program - programmable tracking of satellites.

Principales características
Frequency bands, МHz
125-250; 625-650; 975-1,045; 2,200-2,300
Reflector effective area, m2
Reflector system diameter, m
Rotation angle ranges, deg:
in azimuth
in elevation
0 to 180
Maximum rotation speed, deg/s
Steady-state error, deg
not more than 0.2
Dynamic guidance error, deg
not more than 1
Питание от сети переменного тока:
Power supply from the AC
220 V, 50/60 Hz
Current consumption, А
not more than 5.0