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Aerial target drone system

The Dan aerial target drone system is designed to imitate remote-controlled aircraft, cruise missiles and subsonic tactical aircraft during combat training and testing of air defense missile, small-arms and artillery systems as well as fighter aircraft weapon systems.


  • aircraft – Dan aerial target drone;
  • ground control facilities: a radio control station and a ground telemetry system (mobile or fixed);
  • special-purpose ground support equipment: launcher (mobile or fixed), air starter of aerial target engine, transportation/loading vehicle, a set of support equipment, ground automated system for integrated aerial target monitoring.

Automatic control system - combined (software or by radio commands).

The main flight modes: takeoff, climb, level flight, descent, turns, snaking, dive, pitch-up, dive followed by nose-up, low-altitude flight, parachute landing.

Principales características
Takeoff weight, kg
Length, m
Wingspan, m
Height, m
Level-flight speed envelope, km/h
400 - 750
Flight altitude envelope, m
50 - 9000
Max flight endurance, min
Max load factor, g
-3 to +9
Service life
до 10 (далее – по техническому состоянию)
RCS value with a probability of 0.5 in the 0 -. 45° sector in the course plane at wavelengths l = 3.2 cm and l = 10.8 cm:
w/o Luneberg lenses, m2
0.1 and 0.22
with Luneberg lenses, m2
1.4 and 3.6
IR radiation intensity of tracer, kW/sr
0,6 – 0,8