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Small spacecraft for remote sensing of the land and sea surface

The Condor-E small spacecraft (SSC) with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is designed to obtain, store and transmit high-resolution microwave remote-sensing (RS) data to ground receiving and processing stations.

The SAR provides around-the-clock all-weather acquisition of the Earth's surface.

Components of the Condor-E SSC with SAR:

Unified spacecraft bus (USB):

  • onboard control system;
  • data gathering system;
  • data transfer system (DTS);
  • propulsion system;
  • thermal control system;
  • power generation system.

Synthetic aperture radar.

Principales características
SSC characteristics
Operational orbit parameters:
altitude, km
inclination, ang.min.
up to 98
Weight, kg
up to 1,150
Payload weight, kg
up to 350
Downlink data rate, Mbit/s
DTS frequency band
C, X
Active service life, year
to 10
SAR characteristics
Frequency band
X, C, S, L*
Coverage, km
Swath, km
≥ 10
Resolution, m:
≥ 1,0
* one (at customer’s option)
** to the right and left of the flight path