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Heavy flamethrower system

The TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is designed for providing fire support to infantry and tanks, defeating enemy manpower from open and closed firing positions in a variety of offensive and defensive combat, as well as disabling light armored vehicles and transport. Combined target destruction is achieved through effects of high temperature and overpressure.

The TOS-1A system includes:

  • BM-1 combat vehicle with a launcher mounted on tank chassis (1 unit);
  • TZM-T transporter/loader on tank chassis (2 units)

The system can be supplied with the TZM (563K) transporter/loader on an 8×8 off-road chassis. Unguided artillery rockets with thermobaric warheads are used for firing.

The BM-1 combat vehicle is a multiple rocket launcher mounted on a tank chassis. It is equipped with a fire control system, which includes: a laser periscope sight/rangefinder, digital dedicated computer system with a sensor package, power electro-hydraulic actuators and firing equipment. The BM-1 is also fitted with auxiliary systems and equipment (means of communication, observation instruments, NBC protection system, fire-fighting equipment, self-entrenching equipment, etc.).

The TZM-T/TZM (563K) transporter/loader is fitted with rocket cradles, a hydraulic loader crane, a removable ammunition armor kit, and loading facilities.

Principales características
Weight, t:
BM-1 combat vehicle
TZM-T transporter/loader with reload
TZM (563K)transporter/loader
Basic chassis:
BM-1 and TZM-T
T-72A tank
TZM (563K)
KAMAZ-63501 truck
Number of launch tubes in BM-1
Number of rockets carried on TZM-T/TZM (563K)
Range of fire, m:
Coverage area against unsheltered and sheltered manpower (at max range of fire), m2
up to 40,000
Time to fire on a visual target after the BM-1 stops, s
Full salvo time, s:
paired launch
single launch