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The "Gibka" turret mount for "Igla"-type MANPADS


The Gibka turret mount for Igla-type MANPADS is designed to assist aiming and remote-controlled launching of Igla surface-to-air missiles used to defend surface ships, displacing 200 and more tonnes at a very short close-in range against enemy anti-ship missiles, aircraft and helicopters in the conditions of background clutter and enemy jamming.


- shipborne missile launch turret that mounts an optronic receiver unit, a rotary support unit, and Strelets commonised launch modules, with two missiles in each. One turret mount can accommodate from two to four launch modules with a total ammunition load varying from four to eight missiles respectively;

- control module is an operator’s workstation with a monitor, a control panel, and a computer;

- power supply system.


Standard shipborne facilities are used to search for and acquire aerial targets. The target data is fed from them into the Gibka system, and its operator completes the search, locks on, and tracks targets. Igla SAMs are aimed and launched at a target by the operator from the control panel. Igla/Igla-S fire-and-forget missiles have optical passive seekers with IR jamming signal discriminators to guide them to the target.

Principales características
Aircraft/helicopter visual detection range, km
Engagement range, m
500 - 6000
Engagement altitude, m
5 - 3500
Targeting sector:
heading, deg
elevation, deg
0 - 60
Number of targets engaged at a time
Number of launch modules, pcs.
2 / 4
Number of missiles in one module
Missile types
Igla-S, Igla
Launch modes
single missile/salvo (two missiles from different launch modules)
Reaction time, s
less than 8
Time of manual loading/unloading of one launch module by one operator, min
less than 3
Turret mount weight (with 2 launch modules), kg
less than 900