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Small-size thermal torpedo


The MTT small-size thermal torpedo is designed to destroy submarines and is used as part of ASW torpedo systems installed on board surface ships, submarines, ASW rocket systems installed on board surface ships and submarines, as well as airborne systems.


The MTT torpedo and its layout scheme:

  • equipment module;
  • warhead section;
  • adaptation section;
  • fuel tank section;
  • power section;
  • tail unit.


The MTT is fired from a common transport-launch canister mounted on board a surface ship or from a submarine torpedo tube.

This torpedo incorporates:

  • a new more powerful piston engine operating on a pronit-type high-energy single-component fuel, which gives the torpedo a capability to kill high-speed nuclear-powered submarines;
  • a new homing system with digital signal processing;
  • on-board computer;
  • directional explosive charge.

The torpedo can simultaneously track several targets, including in a sonar countermeasure environment, and can be used in a wide envelope of depths, including shallow waters.

The MTT has modular design, allowing the replacement of its component parts. Compatibility of its onboard systems with the platform’s battle management systems is achieved by programming its system unit during adaptation to the given ship project.

Principales características
Caliber, mm
Length, mm
up to 3200
Weight, kg
up to 390
Explosive weight, kg
up to 60
Number of speed modes
Speed, knots:
mode I
mode II
30 ±5
Max range, km:
mode I
mode II
Running depth, m
Target engagement depth, m
Sea depth where the torpedo is employed, m
not less then 40
Homing system’s acquisition range against a submarine target (with the equivalent radius of 3-4 m) at target speeds of 3-35 knots:
at sea depth more than 200 m
up to 2,5 km
at sea depth of 40-200 m
up to 1,5 km
Fuze type
proximity, impact
Assigned lifetime, years:
live torpedo
practice torpedo
Assigned life for practice torpedo
5 launches for 5 years
etiquetas: MTT, Shipborne weapons,