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Small-size remotely controlled anti-saboteur system

The DP-65 automated small-size remotely controlled grenade launcher system is designed to destroy frogmen, operating in the defensive area of friendly surface ships, submarines, and crucial waterworks.


The grenade launcher system comprises the launcher, remote control, power unit, and RG-55 grenades. The DP-65 is made of aluminium alloys. The system incorporates two packs of five launch tubes, while the launcher is fitted with electric drives of the elevating and the traversing gear, allowing the DP-65 to be controlled either remotely (at a range of up to 100 m) with the help of the remote control or manually.


The control panel allows the operator to operate up to four DP-65 grenade launchers in turn. When combined with the Anapa-ME underwater anti-saboteur detection sonar, the grenade launcher can automatically detect, acquire, track, and kill the target. Based on sonar data, the launcher fires a salvo, or each launch tube independently. In the manual control mode, grenades are launched with the help of the autonomous power unit.

The grenade launcher is equipped with locking devices, ensuring loading and unloading safety and blocking fire circuits in fire-free areas. The launcher is loaded manually.

The DP-65 grenade launcher is mounted on large-displacement surface ships and vessels, as well as various coastal facilities. It can efficiently engage all types of contemporary frogman hardware.

The DP-65 ammunition allowance includes the GRS-55 signal flare, and the RG-55M high-explosive grenade. The GRS-55 is designed to indicate the location of combat divers detected. It has the same weight, dimensions, and range of fire as the RG-55M. When hitting the water surface, the flare, pushed out of the body by a spring arrangement, surfaces and blazes for at least 50 seconds. RG-55M grenades are then launched at frogmen spotted, using the blazing flare as a reference point.

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