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Container missile system


Club-K container missile system is designed for engagement:

  • surface ships of different classes and types;
  • land and shore-based targets.

Main advantages

  • LEGO principle implementation possibility of placing modular components in containers of different loading capacity enabling a number of various configurations dependent of the Customer’s conditions and tasks;
  • storage and transportation reticence components are housed in standard marine containers;
  • portability and mobility – possibility to deliver the system by any kind of transport capable of shipping marine containers using civil logistics;
  • multi-platformity– possibility of the system’s implementation from sea, railway and automobile platforms as well as ground starting positions;
  • autonomy – the system includes intelligence-surveillance means, is capable of launching missiles using target acquisition data from external sources, and all components have self-contained power supply units.


The following types of missiles are used in Club-K system:

  • 3M-54KE, 3М-54KE1, Kh-35UE anti-ship missiles;
  • 3M-14KE, Kh-35UE land-attack missiles.

Universal launching module, performed as the standard maritime container-type, is the basic unit of Club-K system.

Club-K system basic configuration includes from one to four universal launching modules.

Club-K universal launching module ammunition load includes 4 missiles.

Club-K universal launching module is fully autonomous. The standard configuration of universal launching module includes:

  • fire control system;
  • vertical (for 3M-54KE, 3M-54KE1, 3M-14KE missiles) or inclined (for Kh-35UE missiles) launcher;
  • combat management, communication and navigation system;
  • power-supply, life support and fire extinguishing systems.

Club-K system can be supplied with active and passive or passive target acquisition and designation systems (including the container type variant) that enables to detect, identify, bear and determine target coordinates at the distance exceeding the missile range.

Technical means of Club-K system can also receive target designation data from any coastal, shipborne, aviation, satellite system and complex available to the customer.

Principales características
Number of missiles in a salvo, pcs.
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Max number of targets simultaneously engaged by one complete salvo, pcs.
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE
up to 10
up to 16
Number of missiles in one launching module, pcs.
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Launching angle, deg
3М54KE, 3M-14E
3М54KE1, Kh-35UE
Time to lift tubes to the starting position, s
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Pre-launch preparation time, min
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
up to 5
Missile launch interval, s
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Firing position altitude above sea level*, m
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Launch position remoteness from coastline, km
3М54KE, 3М54KE1
up to 200
up to 10
up to 275
Deployment time*, min
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E
Displacement time*, min
3М54KE, 3М54KE1, Kh-35UE, 3M-14E