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Sea bottom mine (Mod.1)


MDM-1 mod.1 and MDM-2 mod.1 sea bottom mines are intended for employment in minefields to endanger and destroy ships and surfaced or submerged submar¬ines. MDM-3-mod.1 sea bottom mine is used in defensive minefields to destroy small-displacement ships and amphibious assault craft.


The mines are fitted with local three-channel influence exploders activated by target’s acoustic, electromagnetic and hydrodynamic fields sensed in a hemispherical danger zone. The exploders allow the mines to be deployed in both three- and two-channel configurations, with any combination of the channels possible. The mines possess effective anti-sweeping protection from modern influence sweepers and resistance to natural clutter owing to advanced exploder operating principle and anti-sweep device logic, as well as mine timing and ship counting devices employed. Intricate planting patterns and camouflage painting of the mines hinder their detection by sonars of surface ships and submarines, or by mine-hunting devices of remotely operated underwater vehicles.

MDM-2 Mod.1 sea bottom mine

The mine can be planted from aircraft (airborne platforms) fitted with mine racks and safety actuation and release devices, as well as from surface ships equipped with mine-laying rails and ramps or mine-scattering systems. Mines can be laid by ships sailing at speeds of up to 15 knots, and by aircraft flying at speeds of up to 1,000 km/h from altitudes of not less than 500 m.

The mine is self-destroyed when its service life expires, or if planted on land or shoal from aircraft.

Principales características
Diameter, mm
Length, mm
2785 2250**
Weight, kg
1370 1425**
Operating depth, m
Planted mine service life, not less than, years
Number of independently operating safety stages
Allowable service period (with scheduled maintenance and in standard operational conditions), not less than, years
** shipborne version