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Small-size anti-submarine system with anti-torpedo


The Paket-E/NK ASW system with anti-torpedo capability is designed to engage submarines and torpedoes within ship's close-in range.


  1. Paket-E control system;
  2. Paket-AE special-purpose target designation sonar set;
  3. launchers (rotary and fixed);
  4. launcher-mounted combat modules;
  5. standard transport-launch torpedo containers loaded in combat modules:
      • small-size heat-seeking torpedoes;
      • anti-torpedoes.

      The small-size heat-seeking torpedo is used against submarines, whereas the anti-torpedo against attacking torpedoes.

      The launchers have combat modules armed with heat-seeking torpedoes and/or anti-torpedoes in combination as required by the mission assigned to the carrier ship.

      Provision is made for delivery of an automated combat module control and diagnostic system during maintenance.

      The Paket-E/NK is a pioneering naval weapon, ranked second to none worldwide. It provides ships with a unique anti-submarine/anti-torpedo capability. Warships equipped with such systems have their anti-torpedo defence effectiveness augmented 3-3.5 times.


      The Paket-E/NK can be employed independently or as part of the ship anti-submarine/anti-torpedo defence system, performing the following tasks in automatic/automated modes:

      • generation of target designation data for small-size heat-seeking torpedoes, based on feeds from ship's sonar sets and systems;
      • detection of ship-attacking torpedoes, their class identification, motion parameter calculation, target data generation for anti-torpedoes;
      • launcher control;
      • combat module pre-launch preparation, fire data calculation and feeding to combat modules;
      • launching of anti-torpedoes and small-size heat-seeking torpedoes.
Principales características
Torpedo caliber, mm
Effective anti-submarine defence zone, m
up to 10000
Effective anti-torpedo defence zone, m