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The project "1176 Akula" landing boat


The Project 1176 Akula landing boat is designed to carry mobile equipment and cargo from ships to non-equipped shore and back. It can be used as a shipborne facility. The boat is suitable for transport operations in home ports, ferrying, etc.


The Project 1176 landing boat has an open hold and a bow ramp. Its high maneuverability is ensured by two independently controlled steerable shrouded propellers. This enables successful landing and transport operations near the seacoast, unloading onto non-equipped shore. The boat is adapted to convey laden wheeled and tracked vehicles driving off via the bow ramp to the shore, can tow other watercraft or be used as a ferry. The dimensions of the open cargo hold are: length - 12.5 m, width - 3.6 m, hold depth - 2.2 m. м.

The landing capacity: one T-72 main battle tank or up to 50 tons of cargo or 20 assault troopers.

Its sea-going capacity ensures safe navigation in sea point up to 4 inclusive.

Unloading of equipment onto non-equipped shore and taking it from the shore are possible in sea point up to 3 inclusive.

With its full displacement, the boat stays afloat with its any one compartment or cargo hold flooded.

Navigation equipment

  • Liman-18M1 or FURVNO M-1932Mk2 navigation radar;
  • UKPM-M2 or Jupiter magnetic compass.

Communications equipment

R-669 VHF radio;
GMDSS communications equipment;
Sailor RT-5022 VHF radio;
SEP-406 or SOSPA Tron 40S EPIRB;
Botsman portable radio with a charger (3 sets) or Sailor SP 3300 (3 sets);
MSNP-250 marine light signaling device;
EM-12 portable electric megaphone is provided for voice communications with other ships and shore.
The basic equipment is located in the wheelhouse, antennas - on the roof of the wheelhouse and on a mast.

Hull systems

The craft has the following systems:

  • desalination system;
  • ballast system;
  • water fire-fighting system;
  • foam fire-fighting system;
  • fresh water system;
  • utility seawater system;
  • flushing system;
  • ventilation system;
  • hydraulic system;
  • air, metering and filling piping system.

Life-saving equipment

Life-saving equipment consists of one PSN-10 inflatable life raft or 6DK Viking life raft and life preservers.

Main propulsion plant

Its main propulsion plant comprises two 3D6S2R-08 and 3D6LS2R-08 diesels as main propelling engines with the R-300 hydraulically operated reverse gear. Alternatively, the MAN D2866LXE40 diesels with the 2ZF 325-1 reverse gear can be used as the main engines.

Electric power is supplied by the DGR1A-16/1500-OM4 diesel-generator and GS-16 shaft generator or by two 20 kW SM250 diesel-generators. Control of the main engines is done from a control panel located in the wheelhouse.

Principales características
Displacement, full load of 50 tons and 100% supplies, t
Light displacement, t
Basic dimensions, m:
overall length
overall beam
midships depth
Draft at full displacement, m
Average draft at light displacement, m
Carrying capacity, t
Main propulsion plant
2x100 kW ZD6S2R-08, ZD6LS2R-08 high-speed, four-stroke, liquid-cooled in-line diesel engines with the R-300 hydraulically operated reverse gear or 2x190 kW MAN D2866LXE40 diesel engines with flanged 2/2ZF 325-1 reverse gears
Electrical power system
16 kW DGRA1A-16/1500-OM4 diesel-generator or two 20k W 2/SM 250 diesel-generators
2 four-bladed fixed pitch propellers
Full speed in calm water at full displacement, knots
Operational range at landing load of 50 tons and speed of 10 knots, n.m.
Endurance, days