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The project 12300 missile gunboat (corvette)


The Project 12300 Scorpion missile gunboat (corvette) is designed to engage enemy surface ships, boats, and transports both autonomously and in cooperation with naval attack forces.


The boat's hull and superstructure are slanted (seven to ten degrees and more), and other stealth technologies are also employed to reduce its radar signature.

Armament & Equipment Attack missile systems

  • Yakhont anti-ship missile system with two twin launchers and 3R50E-12300 fire control system (four missiles in LCs 3S-34E), or Uran-E anti-ship missile system (eight 3M-24E missiles in TLCs) with two quadruple 3S-24E launchers and 3R-60UE fire control system;
  • Kashtan-1 air defence gun/missile system (four SAMs, 2,000 rounds plus option of surplus 1,000 rounds);
  • 100mm A-190-5P-10E versatile artillery system, comprising A-190 gun mount (80 rounds) and 5P-10E fire control radar;
  • two DP-64 anti-saboteur grenade launchers;
  • PK-10 short range jamming system with two/four KT-216 launchers.

Electronic equipment

  • Monument-E/Pozitiv-ME target detection/designation radar;
  • TK-25E-1 ECM system;
  • 67R IFF system;
  • Podzagolovok-24E mutual interference avoidance system.

Combat information management system


Sonar equipment

Pallada combat swimmer detection sonar.

Navigation equipment

  • Ladoga-ME navigation system;
  • Gyuis gyrocompass;
  • LEM2-1 log;
  • NEL-20K navigation echo sounder;
  • SN-3103 satellite navigation equipment;
  • KM115-07 magnetic compass.

Main propulsion plant

The boat can be powered by two MTU-16V1163TB93 diesels, or one GTU-12 gas-turbine and two M530/MTU-16V4000M90 diesels.

Electric power is supplied by one DGF2A 100/1500 and two DGF2A 200/1500 diesel generators. It also has two 1EKPV 15/150 electric compressors.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 460
Max length, m
about 57
Max beam, m
about 10,3
Depth, midship, m
about 5,3
Draft, midship, full load, m
about 2,5
Speed, knots:
maximum, with diesels
about 33
maximum, with diesels and gas turbine
about 40
Range at economical speed, n. m.:
full fuel
about 1500
max fuel
about 2000
Endurance, days