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The project 12322 air cushion landing ship


The Project 12322 Zubr air cushion landing ship is designed to sealift landing assault units (personnel and materiel) from equipped/non-equipped to non-equipped shore, as well as transport and plant mines.


Zubr landing craft can carry three main battle tanks, or ten armored personnel carriers with 140 troops, or up to 500 troops.

Personnel is protected against effects of weapons of mass destruction with airtight sealing of combat stations, crew and troops compartments, as well as individual gas masks and protection suits. The ship is also protected from influence mines with the horizontal winding to compensate for the ship's and the transported materiel's magnetic fields. The central command post and MS-227 device compartments are strengthened with armor.


  • two 30mm AK-630M automatic gun mounts (with MR-123-01 fire control radar);
  • two 140mm stabilized multiple rocket systems (with MS-227 launchers, DVU-3 fire control range-finder/sight);
  • four Igla MANPADS.

Navigation equipment

  • GKU-2 gyro direction finder;
  • KM-69-M2 magnetic compass;
  • RDL-3-AP100-E Doppler drift log;
  • RN-1 direction finder;
  • SN3103 navigation system;
  • Baza-12322 central gyro stabilization system.

Main propulsion plant

The ship’s main machinery includes three 10,000 hp GGTA M35-1 gas turbine engines, two 10,000 hp GGTA M35-2 superchargers, four NO10 axial turbochargers, and three AV-98 propellers.

Electric power is supplied by two GTG-100 100 kW gas turbogenerators.

The ship’s movement and systems operation are managed by Flora-32 automated remote control system.

Principales características
Displacement, full load, t
about 555
Full speed, knots
Range, 131-tonne load, n. m.
Endurance, limited by food, fresh water stocks, fuel, days