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Integrated small-sized navigation system

The Kama-NS integrated small-sized navigation system (ISNS) is designed to provide information support of navigation tasks, control of the ship traffic and weapon systems.

The system generates the following data:

  • latitude and longitude, altitude of the object;
  • course and roll angles;
  • speed components;
  • rate of roll and change course;
  • components of instantaneous speed, displacement and acceleration caused by rolling and the orbital motion of the ship.


block of sensors is produces inertial initial information, contains three-axis fiber optic gyroscope, and three accelerometers;

electronic unit is designed for conversion and processing of initial and external signals (from the log and from GPS/GLONASS receivers), and production output in analog or digital data;

plotting board provides of the parameters indication, alarm signal injection and management of the modes.

The system provides a output of information at the speed of the object up to 400 knots, maximum roll and pitch angles up to 90° and latitude 85°N and 75°S.

Kama-NC is adjusted according from the receiver of GPS/GLONASS information in an observational mode.

Kama-NS is corrected by a signal from the lag (200-20,000 pulses/n.m. or NMEA 0183 in standalone mode).

Principales características
Readiness time to issue of course with max error ±0,4°, min
Maximum error of output data:
error of fixup value development in an observational mode, km
error of development course, deg
error of angles pitching development, arc. min
error of angular velocity and pitching change of course, deg/s
error of linear ground speed development in an observational mode, m/s
error of linear ground speed development in an autonomous mode, m/s
System weight, kg