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Autonomous submarine detection system with unified sonobuoy communication channel


The Amga autonomous submarine detection system with unified sonobuoy communication channel is a system of anchored, self-contained passive sonar stations with ground/ship-based receiver designed to detect submarines in naval base and other littoral areas, as well as in the reconnoitered directions of their cruise.


  • automatically search and detect undersea objects by their sonar fields;
  • automatically tracking and classifying undersea targets, with the computation of their parameters;
  • target data transmitting to the shore-based or shipborne control post.


The system is autonomous and cable options, set at anchor in the depths from 300 m up to 1,500 m.

Set of 8 sonobuoys allows to control line length to 40 km, from 20 sonobuoys – 100 km. Radio communication range of sonobuoys - up to 60 km. Remove the cable from the shore modification (control post) can reach 40 km.

For stand-alone version provides remote control by sonar communication channel. Communication range - up to 10 km (available from any ship equipped a sonar communication unit).

Continuous service cable option items - up to 20 years. Self-contained sonobuoy require recharging the battery within 6 months of continuous operation.

System install with any vessel equipped with mine tracks. Cable version of system install by cable-maintenance vessel.

Principales características
Number of networked sonobuoys
Simultaneous scan sector, deg
Target bearing measurement accuracy, deg
Target classification
Radio data exchange range with 20m-high receiving antenna, km
about 60
Receiving post power consumption, W
Receiving post mean-time-between-failures, h
Operators per shift